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New road laid around car in Wrexham

New road laid around car, courtesy Jane Redfern Jones
Image caption The car owner is away and could not be contacted by the council ahead of work starting

Wrexham council said it had no choice but to lay a new road surface around a car parked in a residential street.

Officials say they made several failed attempts to contact the owner of the Vauxhall Astra ahead of the planned road works.

Once they heard the owner was away for some time they decided to carry out the work and will return later to complete the job.

A spokesman said there would not be any additional cost to the council.

Alan Guest, Wrexham council's environment department divisional manager, said: "This situation does arise quite frequently when road repairs are being carried out.

"However, it is very unusual for an owner not to be contacted in time for the repairs to be completed."

He said moving the car without the owner's permission was not an option.

"There will be no additional cost to the taxpayer when contractors return to the area once the car has been removed to allow the works to be completed," said Mr Guest.

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