North East Wales

Vandalism closes BMX bike track in Penycae, Wrexham

The vandalised bike track at Penycae
Image caption Cllr Hallard said local school children chose the bike track

A community BMX bike track has probably closed for good after a series of suspected arson attacks.

The track at Penycae cost £18,000 to complete, funded through grants and the local community council.

The equipment was not insured and the community council can not afford to replace the charred remains.

Susan Hallard, Penycae Community Council clerk, said: "It's disgusting. They just decided to burn it down, bit by bit."

Ms Hallard said the track cost £11,000, funded mostly through grants, and the council had also paid £7,000 on a site and soil survey, because the track was on a former tip.

She said: "The land was left in trust to the community council for the benefit of the community.

"We went round the schools to see what they wanted, and top of the list was a BMX track.

"The little ones loved it. They played and played on it, and it was a joy to see.

"But now everything's gone.

"The police and the fire brigade have been here at least five times. It's deliberate arson."

The park was covered by public liability insurance, but the equipment was not insured due to lack of funds.

Ms Hallard said: "It can't be replaced.

"It has to be made safe, then left as it is.

"Even if there was the money, and it was replaced, who's going to guarantee that the same thing doesn't happen again?"

North Wales Police confirmed there had been reported incidents, and a local Police Community Support Officer was making inquiries.