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Youth worker Hugh Wynne suspended over 'inappropriate' relationship

A Wrexham care home manager has been suspended for a year after admitting an inappropriate relationship with the mother of a child he was caring for.

The Care Council for Wales ruled Hugh Drewhurst Wynne was in breach of codes of practice protecting the rights of service users and carers.

The Mold hearing was told Mr Wynne filled in a time sheet suggesting he was working when he was with the woman.

The conduct committee decided not to strike him off the carers' register.

A written judgement says Mr Wynne admitted he "conducted an inappropriate relationship with A (the mother of a service user)".

He also admitted that "on or about 2 July 2012 the registrant signed a time sheet confirming that he was working during the afternoon of 8 June 2012 when he was engaged in sexual activity with A at this time".

Mr Wynne also admitted misconduct after the committee found "as fact" that having signed the time sheet he acted dishonestly.

'Isolated incident'

The committee said that on the day in question "he could not explain why he had recorded his working day as finishing at 4.30pm when on his own evidence he arrived at Miss A's house at around 3pm."

It also heard that on 9 June 2012 Mr Wynne's line manager received a text message from him, asking her to meet him at the care home which he managed.

The judgement says: "She said that he had confessed to having engaged in a sexual relationship with the mother of a service user and that he was concerned that this may have jeopardised his employment."

The line manager went on to say that "she took some time to calm the registrant down".

The judgement says Mr Wynne "initiated the relationship by sending a personal text message to the service user's mother", and his "motivation appears to have been dominated by sexual desires".

It also say that "underlying all of the events that took place is the consequence that the child of A was not able to continue to benefit from the services offered by the care home".

The committee said it believed "this was an isolated incident in a 20-year career in social care".

It added: "The committee in not removing the registrant from the register today is giving him an opportunity to reflect upon and remind himself of the need to uphold professional boundaries and to adhere to the codes of practice for social care workers."

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