North East Wales

Homemade 'fireworks:' police probe in Denbigh

A series of loud bangs heard in the town of Denbigh could be caused by homemade fireworks, say police.

They warned any such homemade devices could be a risk to those putting them together and other people.

The late-night incidents have occurred in the Lenten Pool area of the town, and in one a device landed on a car bonnet causing damage.

North Wales Police said anyone with information can contact 101.

"We are keen to trace the source of these loud bangs," said police community support officer (PCSO) Gareth Armstrong.

"If these fireworks/bangers are homemade devices then obviously the people responsible are putting themselves and other people's lives at risk.

"Any shop owners or farmers in the area who may have sold any ingredients which could be used in the production of fireworks are also urged to notify the police."