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Wrongly accused man case reopened by North Wales Police

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Media captionMohammed Islam and his wife Sajeda say they have lost everything

Police are to reopen a case into a taxi driver who sexually assaulted three women after the man initially convicted cleared his name.

Mohammed Islam, 40, was found guilty of touching the women as he drove them home to north east Wales in his taxi.

But he paid for an expert to enhance CCTV which prosecutors had claimed showed his taxi - and it proved he had not been at the scene.

His convictions have been quashed and North Wales Police is reinvestigating.

Mr Islam's lawyer Adam Antoszkiw claimed the crucial evidence was not properly examined by police because of financial constraints.

The Chester-based taxi driver had faced being jailed after he was convicted at Flintshire magistrates' court last October.

The prosecution had said the taxi had stopped at a McDonalds at Sealand Road, Chester, as it took the three women - in their early 20s - to their respective homes in north east Wales in the early hours of 7 September, 2013.

A still image from the CCTV was produced which they said was Mr Islam's taxi.

But pending an appeal, he paid for his lawyers to engage an expert who was able to enhance the CCTV - and that proved it was not his taxi after all.

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Image caption The CCTV image which was used to convict Mr Islam

It was in fact a London style cab, not like his vehicle.

Mr Islam said he collapsed after he was cleared of the charges on Friday.

"You can see clearly on the CCTV that it's not my taxi. How could they make that mistake and destroy my nice life?" he told BBC Wales.

He said he had become ill after being branded a sex offender and stopped going to his local mosque - "I tried to disappear," he added.

On what he would do next, Mr Islam said: "I am waiting for my [taxi] licence back from the council. I will be scared about going back.

"I will put a CCTV camera in my cab if I go back to work."

Image caption Sajeda and Mohammed Islam say their family has suffered because of the case

His wife Sajeda added: "I don't think we'll recover from this for a very long time."

Det Insp Lee Boycott from North Wales Police said Mr Islam being cleared had "prompted a fresh look at the case and it will now be reopened".

He added he could not comment further because the case is ongoing.

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