North East Wales

Judge criticises North Wales Police for releasing suspect

Mold Crown Court
Image caption The suspect failed to turn up at Mold Crown Court

A judge has demanded a full explanation from North Wales Police for releasing a suspected drug dealer who subsequently went on the run.

Judge Rhys Rowlands said the man should have been charged and placed before Mold Crown Court in custody.

Instead, he was released pending investigation and sent a letter with a request to attend court.

The judge said the incident was "very concerning".

"Surprise, surprise", the judge said of his failure to attend a previous magistrates' court hearing.

'Very worrying'

A warrant had been issued for the arrest of the 20 year-old, who is from Manchester.

"I don't understand it. I expect the people of north Wales will not understand it either," the judge said.

"I want a full explanation from North Wales Police. This is very, very worrying from where I am sitting."

North Wales Police declined to comment.

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