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Libya: Bangor University students in Gaddafi protest

Around 50 Libyan students from Bangor University have staged a protest calling on the UK government to help ensure Colonel Gaddafi is removed.

Organisers said other Arabic and Muslim students joined them on the march along Bangor's High Street at lunchtime on Friday.

The group chanted anti-Gaddafi slogans and carried placards.

Dr Miloud Sweesi said hundreds were being killed in his country every day and something had to be done.

He said those taking part were worried about friends and relatives in Libya.

"We are asking for help, we want help from the British government to get rid of his regime," said Dr Sweesi.

Dr Sweesi said it was difficult to watch the news about the suffering in his homeland where his mother, brother and other family members remain.

"He is killing his own people," he said.

"He has stayed in power for 42 years because if anyone speaks out about him they are killed.

"I lost friends when I was a student at the university in Tripoli," he added.

Meanwhile, the US government invited representatives of Libya's rebels to the White House on Friday

A delegation from the Libyan Transitional National Council (TNC), including senior leader Mahmoud Gibril, will meet National Security Adviser Tom Donilon and members of the US Congress.

Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday invited the TNC to set up an office in Britain.

After meeting TNC leaders in London, Mr Cameron praised the group and described them as "Britain's primary partner" in Libya.

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