North West Wales

Crews rescue dog after paw stuck in bath plughole

A dog had to be rescued by firefighters after getting its paw stuck in the plughole of a bath.

Crews were called to Vulcan Street in Holyhead, Anglesey, just before 1930 BST on Wednesday to help the bichon friese named Ozzy.

The dog was in distress and his paw was inflamed so crews cut out the plughole and took Ozzy to a vet, who gave him anti-inflammatories.

Ozzy condition's was later described as "fine" after his ordeal.

His owner, Bethan Roper, was showering Ozzy in the bath when his paw got stuck.

"The firemen were amazing with him, and even came down to the vet to see if they could help," she said.

"My little girls were very upset to see Ozzy in distress, but he's fine now - enjoying all the attention."

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