North West Wales

Banned Llandudno ballroom dancers complain to watchdog

Ted and Dorris Harding Image copyright Family photo

Ballroom dancers who said they were unfairly banned from using a community hall because they made the floor too slippery have complained to a watchdog.

About 40 people used Trinity Centre, Llandudno, for eight years but had their contract terminated in January.

The centre said they had failed to comply with a request to stop using accelerants, like wax, on the floor.

A complaint has been made to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.

It is against Llandudno town councillor Linda Groom, the centre's committee chairwoman, saying she breached its code of conduct.

One of the dancers, Margaret Waddingham, said the dancers had been "unfairly treated", denying accelerants were used on the floor.

She added: "Apart from anything else, we're all pensioners and we don't exactly want to go any faster."

A spokesman for the ombudsman said: "The complaint will now be assessed before a decision is taken on whether the matter should be investigated."

Ms Groom declined to comment.

But town councillor Carol Marubbi said it was costing the committee £25 a time to clean the floor after dancers had used it.

"A letter was sent out to all the different dance groups - not just the ballroom users - reminding them to leave the hall in the state they find it," she said.

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