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Push to change beach map English-only name in Gwynedd

Black Rock Sands/Traeth Morfa Bychan Image copyright Google

Officials have said they will push to get the Welsh name of a Gwynedd beach on maps.

Councillors are unhappy Ordnance Survey (OS) maps only refer to Black Rock Sands near Porthmadog by that name.

But it is also know locally as Traeth Morfa Bychan - after the village next to the shoreline.

OS told the authority the name was adopted after consultation with the council, and they had been told the English version was most commonly used.

"During the council's Language Committee, members declared their commitment to protecting indigenous Welsh names and places in Gwynedd," said a council spokesperson.

They said they would continue to collaborate with agencies such as OS to "ensure that the correct names are used wherever possible".

"In this case, the discussion with the OS will continue regarding the possibilities for changing the name that appears on their maps," added the Gwynedd official.

"In the meantime Gwynedd council will consult with community councils in the specific area, to gather evidence that will enable the council to submit robust evidence to the OS for changing the name that appears on their maps."

Image copyright Ordnance Survey

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