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Bangor University Jiu Jitsu expert earns top grading

Gabriella Rossetti Image copyright Bangor University

A Jiu Jitsu expert has become only the fourth woman in the world to be graded a second degree black belt.

Bangor University student Gabriella Rossetti, 24, is currently the only woman in the world holding the Jiu Jitsu Foundation grade and the first to reach it in 14 years.

The sports science PhD student earned it after facing a simulated attack by men armed with knives and sticks.

Jiu Jitsu, a self-defence martial art, is graded by a panel.

Ms Rossetti, from Bristol, also defended herself against a circle of attackers, who were punching and brandishing weapons as part of the assessment.

In one simulation, she had to kneel with her eyes closed as two men choked and punched her before pinning her to the ground.

"One day I would love to do my third dan (rank) but there is a minimum of five years before I will be eligible for that," she said.

Ms Rossetti is the current national women's champion and founded the Bangor University Jitsu Club in 2011.

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