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Carwyn Jones starts picking cabinet after taking oath

Carwyn Jones has been sworn in as Wales's first minister and will start picking a cabinet.

Labour will govern alone, despite falling just short of a majority in last week's Welsh assembly election.

With half the seats in Cardiff Bay, Mr Jones has pledged to seek common ground with other parties.

He took the oath of office on Thursday at the Welsh assembly government's headquarters in central Cardiff, saying he had an "ambitious programme".

The assembly government said the line-up of the Cabinet would not be announced on Thursday.

'Our ambitious programme'

Mr Jones's appointment was rubber stamped by the Queen after he was nominated unopposed by AMs at their first post-election plenary session on Wednesday.

He offered an olive branch to his opponents, saying he was "fully aware of the arithmetic" facing him in the Senedd chamber.

After his appointment was confirmed by the Queen on Thursday, he said: "I am honoured to serve the people of Wales as first minister and begin our ambitious programme to create a fairer, more prosperous country in these challenging times.

"I will shortly be announcing my cabinet team that will help deliver our vision for the people of Wales."

As Crown ministers, his team will also be formally appointed by the Queen before being sworn into office.

Mr Jones first took the reins in December 2009 succeeding Rhodri Morgan at the head of Labour's coalition with Plaid Cymru.

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