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Image caption Edwina Hart's letter to the Welsh Affairs Select Committee

It's the Business, Enterprise, Technology and Science Minister Edwina Hart's first question time in front of the Assembly this afternoon.

She'll face questions from AMs on various issues including job creation, youth unemployment and the competitiveness of the Welsh economy - issues that every single AM identified as key in this Assembly and a session you'll be able to follow on Democracy Live this afternoon.

It's also possible she may get a more topical question about her refusal to appear in front of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee - and in particular, the manner of her refusal - see letter.

The committee is conducting an inquiry into inward investment in Wales, and are naturally keen to get the initial views of the responsible minister in Cardiff Bay.

So keen, that I understand they even offered to hold their meeting in Cardiff rather than Westminster, so the minister would not have to take time out to travel to London.

So some MPs are somewhat miffed at the reply. "Perplexing" and "amazing" is the sort of language they're using. Will they use their ancient powers of summons to march the Minister to appear before them?

Unlikely - and just as well says Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas, friend and staunch supporter of Mrs Hart. This is a devolved matter and "pity the poor Sargeant at Arms who'd have to go and fetch Edwina" he told BBC Wales.

Anyway, this is a problem that will go away very soon in his view. The bunch of MPs "who are looking for something to do" - he means the Select Committee - "won't be around for much longer".



This just in from a Welsh government spokesman:

"Business, enterprise and inward investment, is a devolved matter.

"The Minister is currently engaging with a wide range of people and sectors across the country to explore ways of stimulating the Welsh economy and making Wales an attractive place to do business.

"The Welsh Affairs Committee is currently looking into broadband provision. As some aspects of delivering improvements are devolved, the Minister will be providing written evidence to the Committee about Wales' needs."