The four metrics of success in manifesto corner

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Image caption Coffee? No. Pithy lines? Yes.

No breakfast - or coffee come to that - was served in 'the return of manifesto corner' on Radio Wales this morning. No free breakfasts, let alone lunches anywhere these days you know ... ok, ok, other than these.

But Erika Helps, Chief Executive of Rhondda Taff Citizens Advice Bureau and Jonathan Deacon, who teaches Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Newport business School served up plenty of pithy lines - not on party manifestos this time - but on Labour's Programme for Government.

"If this is a roadmap, I need a sat nav" was the opener from Erika.

They liked the attempt to be open, transparent and user friendly. They liked the idea. But in the end their verdict was that yesterday's announcement lacked a clear purpose, a clear destination, a handful of clear policies that will cut through, reach voters and tell them whether the government is delivering.

People won't need a document to tell them that much, Carwyn Jones might say.

Jonathan Deacon didn't get a chance to run through his metrics for successful strategy documents. Success, he tells his students, relies on answering these questions:

1. Where are we now?

2. Where do we want to go?

3. What are our tactical strengths going forward?

4. How do we know we've arrived?

So what about yesterday's strategy document?

Number one? Sorted, decided our panel. "Not sure they've got to two, three and four yet."

Fair or wide of the mark? Let me know.