Ed Miliband talks Wales - end-of-conference interview

The Labour conference is like one of those international sporting tournaments that seem to go on for ever.

It's Thursday, and most reporters have long left Liverpool. Media interest cooled after Ed Miliband's speech on Tuesday (other parties keep hacks enthralled throughout by using the leader's speech to finish the conference).

The rewards for those of us who stay until the bitter end are, in no particular order, a Harriet Harman speech, an Ed Miliband interview and a rendition of The Red Flag.

My interview slot followed an encounter between the Labour leader and a colleague from BBC Scotland, Tim Reid, in which Mr Miliband struggled to name all the candidates from the Scottish Labour leadership.

Welsh Labour will be pleased to report he could name their leader correctly. Indeed, he began the week by telling Carwyn Jones that his government was charting a course for the next (UK) Labour government.

What sort of course? Wales is, on many measures, the poorest part of the UK, with school results that "alarm" the Education Minister and a mixed record on NHS waiting lists.

You can see his response above.