"Red on red not blue on blue"

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Image caption David Cameron in Manchester

Filming David Cameron out jogging first thing this morning?

No problem.

Filming him walking into the Trafford Suite last night to attend Welsh night with Andrew RT Davies - two Conservative leaders in this together?

Not all right.

If you missed it, Twitter was alive last night with confused journalists wondering why on earth we'd been invited to cover an event that we were apparently barred from. In strode the leaders, out we stayed.

Tempers and tweets calmed down and delegates with good memories filled us in on what it was the Prime Minister had to say.

It went something like this: boundary changes are coming. They're necessary and fair to ensure every vote counts just about the same. The changes will hurt Labour more than they'll hurt us but yes, they will hurt us a bit. Sort it out. Don't let arguments get public. I want to hear about "red on red" not "blue on blue".

On Radio Wales this morning David Jones MP admitted that "some local disgruntlement" is inevitable and that like others, he's "not thrilled" by changes that might affect him. However there's a job to be done in government, so the party will concentrate on getting on and doing it.

Doing it, at conference today, means a speech from the Chancellor after a timely announcement that his war on government waste has given him £805m that he'll spend - no, not on deficit reduction - but on keeping a pledge to freeze council tax in England again this year. Easy headlines and a guaranteed welcome to the conference stage in a few hours? "Complete rubbish!" Andrew RT Davies was having none of it this morning. Deficit reduction IS key, he said but so, every now and again, is putting money into people's pockets.

Pockets in England, you shout. What about us? There should be a knock-on for Wales, a gain to the Welsh budget of some £46.6m (early doors maths so beware.) Mr Jones was hoping Carwyn Jones and his ministers would be "emulating the Chancellor" and helping councils keep bills down.

We might even get an announcement from them before the end of the day he said, smiling broadly.