Explosive, nasty or bizarre?

It is an "explosive row" or a "bizarre row" depending on your take. It is certainly nasty. It might, of course, be all three.

I won't re-tell the story of the Electoral Reform Society versus Welsh Labour. You can find one very clear account here and another - with constitutional bells on - here.

But with one senior Labour source dismissing today's ERS report as "'research' by a Plaid Cymru-supporting academic" that is "nothing more than guess work and was commissioned with the sole intention of undermining Labour's democratically-agreed position" and the ERS concluding that Labour is supporting a policy that would be "good news for aspiring Labour candidates ... bad news for Welsh voters", you may be interested in hearing the two sides having it out on Radio Wales.

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Media captionDiscussion on BBC Radio Wales between Stephen Brooks of the Electoral Refom Society and Labour AM Vaughan Gething.