Waiting for the Chancellor.

I'll keep this brief, given the Chancellor will be on his feet in half an hour. Watch the Autumn Statement - and the response to it - here.

A round up of the morning lobby briefings reveals this:

The Liberal Democrat leader is none too happy with the Conservative leader and the language he used to dismiss her party's budget deal with Labour.

"I've been able to deliver my headline manifesto commitment with 5 AMs. What has Andrew R T Davies achieved with 15?"


Mr Davies went on the attack against Labour. They were guilty of something worse than a U-turn he said. They were guilty of "a half-baked U-turn".

Angela Burns had been combing through the Cofnod to find evidence of Labour's distaste for the Pupil Premium. If in February they had "no plans to introduce a similar scheme in Wales" because it was a bad idea under which whole areas of Wales would lost out, she asked, why was it a better idea now?

There is no government lobby briefing these days at which those very quotes could be put directly to ministers who'd either bat them off vigourously - or smile wanly - but a government source ("I don't recognise the words Pupil Premium - we haven't introduced a Pupil Premium") is happy to respond:

"What have the Tories got against children? Whether it be cutting free school breakfasts or slashing the schools budget by 20% - the Tories simply cannot resist trying to stop children getting the best start in life. Shame on them".

Plaid Cymru revealed the budget deal that never was - the one they sought with Labour. In essence they wanted £45m spent on a Job Protection scheme, which would cut the business rates of businesses up to a rateable value of £18,000.

Where would the money have come from? "We never got to that stage in the talks".

Where did the £20m come from to seal the Lib Dem deal? If Carwyn Jones can say that no other budget areas will be cut, where has the money come from? From "a variety of programmes across government that will not be fully committed" was Kirsty Williams' response. One honest and up front reporter admitted that he had no idea what that meant. We were all grateful. A second stab referred to "underspends in all sorts of departments ... that will make up the £20m".

As for the Autumn statement and the "hefty sum" I talked about yesterday? We're about to find out how much of the £5b comes from sources that automatically release more money for the Welsh government ... and how many won't.