Welsh secretary chooses her words carefully on HS2

The secretary of state for Wales, Cheryl Gillan, has issued a brief and carefully-worded statement in response to the UK government's decision to go ahead with HS2:

"The statement today reflects the Government's decision to move forward on the proposal for HS2. We are still, relative to the timescales for the project, at the beginning of the process.

"I welcome the further steps that have been taken to mitigate the impact on Chesham and Amersham.

"I have arranged to meet with the Transport Secretary to ensure that any ultimate decisions on the project and on any route do as little damage as possible to our environment and our local communities and fully compensate all those that could be affected by today's decision and any future new High Speed line."

I may be wrong but to my eyes her statement strikes a more conciliatory tone than you will hear on the streets of Amersham. I wonder how her response will go down with her constituents.