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Torfaen election: Mandy Owen wins tied Greenmeadow seat after ballot box draw

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Media captionBallots were drawn in Greenmeadow, Torfaen, after candidates were in a dead heat, and Mandy Owen (closer to camera) emerged the winner

A councillor has been elected after her name was drawn out of a ballot box following a dead heat.

Labour's Mandy Owen won the seat for the Greenmeadow ward in Torfaen after she had tied on votes with Independent candidate Catherine Lewis.

Ms Owen, a first-time candidate, won the draw after two recounts failed to separate them.

Council leader Bob Wellington won the other Greenmeadow seat as Labour took control of Torfaen.

When votes were counted, Ms Owen appeared to have beaten Ms Lewis by a single vote, but a recount unearthed a spoilt ballot paper which tied the candidates.

Both names were placed in a ballot box before the returning officer drew Ms Owen's name.

"It was nerve-wracking but both of us wished each other all the best," said Ms Owen, who has lived in Greenmeadow for 41 years.

"We've been out knocking every door in our ward, putting leaflets through doors if people weren't in and we even knocked on doors yesterday to ask if people had been to vote.

"It makes it worthwhile when you know how much work you've put in."

Despite the early morning drama, she went straight to work after the draw at about 06:30 BST on Friday.

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