It's lift-off - at a price of £52m

Image caption The long road south from Llandudno

We were on our way home from Labour's conference in Llandudno and let's face it, it wasn't my finest hour as a driver. Or as the man who came to our aid with two big spades put it: "Stick to the politics in future, cariad!"

I'm unashamedly using the blog to say thank you to Mr Annwyl, Roy and the man in the red 4 x 4 for digging, having a rope handy and towing us out of a hole. We will stick to the politics, Mr Annwyl.

Perhaps we should have flown. In future the Welsh Government would rather we did - bringing in business, any business to the airport they've bought for £52m. They've bought. Their airport.

The number of passengers must increase, says Carwyn Jones and for that he needs to attract back, or attract in operators who will want to fly them to where they want to go, at a price they're prepared to pay.

That's all well and good says Robert Sinclair, who as Chief Executive Officer of Bristol Airport has been watching events in Wales closely and landing a few choice comments along the way.

It's a bit pricey in his view - "the purchase price of £52 million paid by the Welsh Government - which is well above market value when compared to recent transactions involving UK airports - gives us concern that ongoing Government involvement and support is highly likely" - and less ok if Air Passenger Duty for direct long haul flights from Wales is devolved, and then scrapped:

"If it comes into force this proposal would give the Welsh Government the power to set the tax regime for a business of which it is the sole owner and beneficiary".

In Llandudno Carwyn Jones was asked about his wish to buy the airport. Why? It was totemic, he said. When people abroad ask him whether Wales has an international airport, their response - and presumably, in his view, desire to consider future investment - was coloured by the answer he gave.

In future he will be able to answer with confidence - yes, it does. It's just that now it's up to him to make it fly.

We're all waiting for lift off.