The Queen's Speech: an instant Welsh take

The Queen has spoken. Here are a few Welsh angles from a speech that - in common with the tradition of governments leaking most of its contents in advance - contained few surprises.

The Wales Bill continues: "My government will continue with legislation giving the National Assembly for Wales and Welsh Ministers more power over taxation and investment"

The NATO summit is on: "My government will host the NATO summit in Wales as a sign of United Kingdom's commitment to the alliance."

Welsh government ministers will do their best to fight any feelings of smugness at England adopting a Welsh policy: "My government will continue to implement major reforms to the electricity market and reduce the use of plastic carrier bags to help protect the environment." At first sight, there appear to be more exemptions planned in the English scheme.

Liberal Democrat MP Mark Willliams will be pleased: "A serious crime Bill will be brought forward to tackle child neglect, disrupt serious organised crime and strengthen powers to seize the proceeds of crime."

The background briefing makes clear "the [Serious Crime] Bill would clarify the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 to make it explicit that cruelty which is likely to cause psychological harm to a child is an offence."

These are just the obvious Welsh angles. Other measures, as Her Majesty might put it, will be laid before you. Here's a link.