Please don't laugh at my scooter, pleads Tory MP


When I heard Conservative MP Glyn Davies had bought himself a scooter, I assumed he had acquired a mod-style Lambretta with which to recreate Quadrophenia on the streets of Welshpool.

I was wrong. The Montgomeryshire MP's newly-acquired wheels are the self-powered type favoured by primary schoolchildren. While his colleagues may covet a ministerial limo, he announced his purchase in a Facebook post that suggests he knew what he was letting himself in for:

Glyn Davies MP has bought a scooter Glyn Davies MP's scooter.

"Fear I could be in for some mockery. Have just bought myself a scooter. It's not a joke, or a response to my predecessor's obsession with his Segways or Boris and his bikes. It's a practical response to a little problem.

"For four years I've had a back problem which means by the end of a long day can't walk far. So I need a taxi home. This costs the taxpayer. Reckon I could manage ok with a scooter. Mockery of my so-called friends will be small price to pay if saving lots of taxpayers money."

That may be true. MPs can claim expenses for cycle journeys but not for travel by scooter.

Mockery? Mr Davies, 70, will not have been disappointed or surprised by the reaction. Yesterday, he posted: "People must stop laughing at my new scooter. Thought I'd try it out at Westminster today. Fellow MPs much amused when I whizzed past them in Westminster Hall. Will try it over Westminster Bridge tonight. Little Ffion [granddaughter] wants one the same. Never had a scooter when I was a child so haven't mastered the braking system yet, which involves a foot on the back wheel. Reckon I'm going to start a trend."

Today, he posted: "Thought I should offer up a first day update on the scooter. Worked very well - with a couple of teething problems. Hadn't quite realised how downhill the south side of Westminster Bridge was and have not yet mastered the braking system, which involves pressing free foot on back wheel. The bus shelter was undamaged though. And the handlebar is just right height for the alarm button in the lift. Caused bit of a consternation to nearby police officer. So far it's a great success."

What could possibly go wrong?

David Cornock Article written by David Cornock David Cornock Parliamentary correspondent, Wales

The last Welsh Questions as MPs say their farewells

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb has been answering MPs' questions for the last time before the general election.

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    Comment number 14.

    One of the problems we face in rural Wales is the average age of our politicians. I often wonder whether they're still on the same planet as me and I'm getting on a bit? They tried to reduce the average age of Councillors -

    Why not MPs? To me, this looks like further evidence Glyn Davies should stand down in 2015 and get more use out of his slippers!

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    Comment number 13.

    Mr. Cornock...."Quadrophenia on the streets of Welshpool"...Oh the shame of it all.

    Whatever next.. Scooters (and Yeti SB 95's) driven into swimming pools...Surely not.!

    Hope our trusty moderators are keeping a keen eye on all this frippery.

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    Comment number 12.

    Re. comment 10. The Active Travel Act should go some way to dealing with the problem of cyclists on busy roads. Hopefully we'll follow Holland's example and provides cycle paths next to main roads. As for the PMs transport, he was cycling in at one time-with his papers and work clothes following on in a car! Didn't his bike get nicked as well?

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    Comment number 11.

    I think this scooter kinda stuff is meant to take our British English speaking minds off the dreadful effects of 'the Celtic spring' engulfing us? Hi Rhodri, hi Carwyn,

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    Comment number 10.

    Well Jack, it appears that the "Active Travel Act" (Gawd 'elp us all) demands that Welsh correspondents are now required to comment on scooters and bicycles whenever the mood takes them

    How delighted us car drivers are, now that North Road and Manor Way are filled with these devil may care scooterist and cyclists.

    Oh how we smile as the little tinkers gleefully block entire lanes !


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