David Jones and Dylan Moore deny penning 'Oscar' blog

The fall-out from last night's adjournment debate continues with the arrival of statements from two of those linked to the late Thoughts of Oscar blog.

One of them - solicitor Dylan Moore - has challenged Guto Bebb to repeat his allegations outside parliament.

Former Welsh Secretary David Jones said: "Yesterday evening, under conditions of Parliamentary privilege, Guto Bebb MP made allegations as to the authorship of an internet blog known as "Thoughts of Oscar".

"To address any perceived ambiguity in Mr Bebb's address to the House, I wish to make it clear that I was not involved in the authorship of the blog. I understand that the blog's true author had already admitted, prior to Mr Bebb's appearance in the House, that he had acted alone."

Mr Moore said in his statement: "I wish to reply to allegations made by Mr Guto Bebb MP in Parliament on 9th September under the cover of parliamentary privilege.

Mr Bebb's allegation that I am in any way, or have ever been, involved in the Thoughts of Oscar blog or, indeed, any other blog is completely untrue.

"I invite Mr Bebb to make the same allegation outside Parliament.

"The author of the blog (Mr Nigel Roberts) issued a statement (prior to Mr Bebb's speech) making it clear he was its sole author. I note Mr Bebb made no reference to that matter in his speech.

"Those who know me - family, friends and clients - know full well that the allegation is nonsensical. It is well known locally that I do not tweet, text or use a mobile phone.

"I have no interest whatsoever in local politics or the bitchy backbiting that appeared to take place on this blog.

"When I became aware of the allegations I immediately tried to speak to Mr Bebb. I left messages inviting him to discuss the matter with me. He did not respond. Had he done so I would have told him that I myself was the victim of harassment from this blog some years ago.

"I know therefore from my own experience the effect such anonymous comments can have on innocent individuals. I am delighted that this blog has closed.

"I am appalled that any Member of Parliament, let alone my own MP, should throw an innocent constituent to the wolves in this way and hide under the cloak of parliamentary privilege."

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