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Plaid Cymru call for devolved nations to have say on UK issues

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Media captionLeanne Wood: "It is the peoples of the nations of the UK who are sovereign, not Westminster"

Devolved governments should have a say on big political decisions made at a UK level on things such as welfare, according to Plaid Cymru's leader.

In a speech at the SNP's annual conference, Leanne Wood said Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland should have a say on issues which are not devolved.

Ms Wood said it is the people "who are sovereign, not Westminster".

Nicola Sturgeon was sworn in as the new SNP leader at the conference on Friday.

Ms Sturgeon is giving her first party conference speech in the role after taking over the leadership from Alex Salmond.

She has previously said a referendum in favour of leaving the European Union would need to have the clear support of the four nations to make withdrawal legal.

'People power'

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Image caption Nicola Sturgeon delivers her first SNP conference speech as the new party leader on Saturday

Plaid Cymru supports the idea, and Ms Wood said consent of the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish governments should be sought on major UK-wide decisions made at Westminster.

In her speech at the conference in Perth, Ms Wood said: "Reserved powers should mean shared powers and let me make clear that a Plaid Cymru government from 2016 will insist on major decisions at a UK level requiring consensus between the governments.

"The people power that grew from a grass roots movement in Scotland during the referendum campaign I'm sure will result in power being delivered to the people.

"A new state was not born in September but you've built a new democracy and no party, no government can disestablish that.

"It is the peoples of the nations of the UK who are sovereign, not Westminster.

"That reality must be reflected as the relationships between our countries are reconstructed in the coming months," she added.

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