Cameron v Miliband

Our poll results on the party leaders will not have made pretty reading for the Labour Party.

Let me be fair right from the start: this is only one poll and the only poll that matters is the one on 7 May (yes, I know it's a cliche).

It's also fair to say that there are many other polls out there on voting intentions showing that Labour are streets ahead of the Conservatives.

But all said and done what this poll suggests is that more people in Labour's Welsh heartland believe the best prime minister is not the Labour leader but an old Etonian Conservative leader who has presided over five years of unpopular cuts in the public sector.

And it does beg the question that if that is the view in Wales, what are the views in other parts of the UK?

Leap of imagination

It is always difficult for opposition party leaders to look prime ministerial when they're up against the man or woman currently in the position and surrounded by the trappings of office. It does not require any leap of the imagination to see them in the top job.

On the ground, Labour campaigners say it's the cost of living which is being raised on the doorstep, and not the personality of Ed Miliband.

For the Conservatives, of course, it's a different story.

One source told me on the weekend at the party's Welsh conference that it's precisely the issue of Cameron's personality which they believe will help protect a wafer-thin majority in a seat like Cardiff North.

The result will add to the general view that Ed Miliband's rating is below that of his party while the opposite is true of David Cameron and the Conservatives.

The question is whether this potential personality advantage for the Conservatives will be reflected in the polls and give them an edge which has so far been absent.

There is also a view that people have priced in any reservations or views they have of the leaders already and when it comes to the crunch they'll be voting on policies, rather than personalities.

A general election based on policies alone may be the wish of many but surely unrealistic?