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Michael Sheen says Aneurin Bevan inspired NHS speech

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Media captionDelivering his speech in a wet and cold Tredegar

Actor Michael Sheen says the passion displayed in his recent speech on the NHS was inspired by Aneurin Bevan - and the Tredegar weather.

The St David's Day speech was an internet sensation, with mobile phone clips being shared on social media.

He told BBC Wales he was not affiliated to any political party and that "they're all doing terrible jobs on the whole".

Sheen said he would not relish getting involved in party politics.

'Extra oomph'

Asked if he was surprised by the reaction to the speech, he said: "I didn't know it was being filmed.

"It was a cold and very wet day. The fact that anyone turned up at all was amazing and that they stayed around was amazing.

"I think probably because I was so cold and so wet I gave it a little bit of extra oomph maybe, but you know, I was inspired by the fact it was in Tredegar, the home of Nye Bevan, the man who was the architect of the National Health Service, right at the heart of the welfare state and I think it represents something."

Asked if he might be tempted to give up the day job for a political career, Sheen said he was under "no illusions" about what was involved in becoming a politician.

"They're having to do with all kinds of bureaucracy and all kinds of difficulties - it's not something that I relish getting involved in but nevertheless I'm going to say what I feel about what I see whenever I get the chance."

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