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Stephen Crabb's coalition hope for 2016 Welsh assembly

Stephen Crabb MP
Image caption Stephen Crabb made the comments in a lecture at Aberystwyth University on Wednesday

A Conservative, Plaid Cymru and Liberal Democrats coalition could provide an "effective alternative" to Labour rule after the 2016 Assembly elections, Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb has said.

The parties came close to forming an administration in 2007, but a Plaid-Labour coalition was eventually set up.

Mr Crabb said the continued presence of Labour in government is "unhealthy".

Welsh Labour said the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Westminster coalition has been "terrible for Wales".

Mr Crabb added: "The three pro-devolution parties in Wales; Welsh Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, and Plaid Cymru, could, possibly could, provide a fresh, effective alternative to the monopolistic hold on the levers of government in Wales by the Labour Party."

A Welsh Labour spokesman said: "If anything is unhealthy for Wales, it would be a Tory, Plaid and Lib Dem government slashing education funding by up to 20%, scrapping free prescriptions and bringing back the failed grammar school system."

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