Coalition clash over Budget tidal power credit

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Media captionMPs have been giving their verdict on the Budget

George Osborne has yet to deliver his Budget but both coalition parties are already trying to claim the credit for the inclusion of the Swansea Bay lagoon in it.

The Liberal Democrats say it's "a triumph" for the Lib Dem Energy Secretary Ed Davey. Conservative sources say Tory Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb was the first to promote the scheme and had written to Mr Osborne about it ahead of the Budget.

It was also "the centrepiece" of the Wales Office's submission to the chancellor ahead of last year's autumn statement.

In that statement, Mr Osborne announced that the UK government would hold talks with the company behind the project. The significance of today's move to formal talks about the price subsidy will become clearer during the day.

This battle to claim the credit may evoke memories of the autumn statement, although any decision won't be taken before the general election, when a different government could be in place.