One sentence, two countries: Wales and Scotland

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Media captionMPs are on day two of a week of debates on the Queen's Speech

"My government will also bring forward legislation to secure a strong and lasting constitutional settlement, devolving wide-ranging powers to Scotland and to Wales."

Scotland and Wales may have featured in the same sentence in the Queen's Speech but the two countries are being offered rather different devolution - at different speeds.

The Scotland bill is expected to be published on Thursday, with a statement to MPs on the transfer of taxation and welfare powers. The Wales bill is expected - in draft form - in the autumn with "the real legislation" to be debated next year.

The change to a "reserved powers" model - setting out more clearly which powers are reserved to Westminster - means effectively re-writing the Welsh devolution settlement and ministers say they'll take their time to get it right even if they miss the "100 days" target set by Chancellor George Osborne.

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb told The Wales Report on May 20: "…in the autumn you'll be able to open a copy of the draft legislation, that will give you an opportunity to say to others 'does this legislation look right? Has it been drafted correctly? We will be listening and taking views on that and then in the New Year, we will bring forward the final, if you like, the real legislation that will go into Parliament and get voted on."

The other key question is "fair funding" - which at first glance appears noticeably absent from the Queen's Speech briefing material we were given. The UK government says the details of its pledge on this will come alongside the next spending review, the date for which has yet to be set.