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First minister deadlock: Labour-Plaid deal to be presented to AMs

Carwyn Jones and Leanne Wood
Image caption Carwyn Jones and Leanne Wood tied in the Senedd vote for first minister last Wednesday

A proposed deal between Labour and Plaid Cymru to elect a first minister is to be presented to AMs from both parties when they meet on Tuesday.

Talks between representatives of the two sides to end the deadlock in the Senedd have now ended.

A joint statement from Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru said the nomination of a first minister could take place on Wednesday.

The previous attempt ended in stalemate last week.

Labour's Carwyn Jones and Plaid's Leanne Wood were tied 29-29 in a Senedd vote on who should be first minister.

It came after Labour fell short of a majority at the 5 May election. It needs opposition support to govern.

Little detail from the talks between the parties or what the deal may constitute has been released to the media.

The discussions have been led by senior party figures Jane Hutt, from Labour, and Simon Thomas, from Plaid.

Separate group meetings for the parties' AMs will be held on Tuesday.

'Good progress'

A joint statement from Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru said the negotiations had ended and "good progress has been made".

"The leadership of both parties will now present the proposed way forward to members of their respective assembly groups tomorrow morning," it read.

"It is anticipated that plenary can then be recalled on Wednesday for the nomination of first minister."

Labour and Plaid Cymru previously said they were "confident" of breaking the deadlock over the election of a first minister after the first day of talks last Friday.

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