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Carwyn Jones: Wales should cash in on Euros profile

Carwyn Jones and Wales team Image copyright Labour/AFP

Wales should cash in on the higher profile the European Championships has given the country, First Minister Carwyn Jones has said.

Wales finished their first major tournament in 58 years at the semi-finials of the European Championships, losing 2-0 to Portugal on Wednesday.

Mr Jones said the "big change" was that people in continental Europe no longer do not know where Wales is.

The years of having to explain Wales is not in England have ended, he said.

Mr Jones, who was speaking on BBC Radio's Good Morning Wales programme, said: "The big change is instead of people saying in Europe 'Wales where's that?'

"It's going to be 'Wales, oh yes, we know where that is, the semi-finalists of the European Championships'.

"When I was in Paris last night, I didn't get to the game but I watched the game in Paris, all people could talk about was Wales.

"I was hearing people talking about Wales on the streets. The sort of profile that it's given us has been incredible.

"We've really got to cash in on this now.

"All those years when you go abroad and you have to explain where Wales is, that it wasn't part of England. In the space of a month, five weeks, all of that has turned on its head."

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