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James Bond: Elin Jones happy to allow Senedd filming

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The assembly's presiding officer has said she would be open to allowing filmmakers to shoot a James Bond film in the Senedd.

Elin Jones, AM for Ceredigion, said she was not "precious about things like this".

"If the politicians are happy then I would be happy," she said when asked about it at the National Eisteddfod.

Her predecessor, Dame Rosemary Butler, refused a request to film scenes for Spectre in the chamber last year.

S4C's political drama Byw Celwydd has been given permission to film in the Senedd this autumn.

Ms Jones said: "The last assembly was frustrating. I want to see more topical questions which reflect the story of the day.

"I want to encourage assembly members to reflect the matters of the day. The building can be uninspiring, I would like to hear more music and see more art - entice more groups and artists from different parts of Wales."

When the last request was made to shoot scenes in the debating chamber, it was turned down as the assembly said it was "not a drama studio".

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