South East Wales

Cardiff students end tuition fees sit-in

Students who staged an overnight protest at Cardiff University have ended their occupation of a campus building.

Around 50 students began a sit-in at a lecture theatre on Wednesday to voice opposition to higher education cuts.

The demonstration ended with the remaining 20 protesters vacating the building at 1900 GMT on Thursday.

They say the university's vice-chancellor has agreed to meet with them to discuss their concerns.

The group comprised students from half a dozen colleges under the umbrella Action Against Cuts.

They had said they would only leave if the university publicly opposed a rise in fees and disclosed its finances.

Similar protests took place elsewhere in the UK.

Edmund Schluessel of Cardiff University Socialist Students said: "The entire protest was carried out in a non-violent, peaceful fashion, which even South Wales Police conceded 'passed without incident'.

"This tactical decision allowed the action to build a broad base of support, bringing in a stream of messages of solidarity from other universities, trade unions, and political organisations.

"Whatever comes next, and have no doubt there is a 'next', will be even bolder."

The students say it has been agreed they will not face any disciplinary action for the sit-in.

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