South East Wales

Vote 2011: Plaid reports MP over Caerphilly placards

Plaid Cymru has reported a Labour MP to police for allegedly taking down its Welsh assembly election placards without permission.

Plaid claims Caerphilly MP Wayne David removed a number of posters from gardens against residents' wishes.

Mr David admitted he had taken down signs but only with permission of householders.

Gwent Police said it was looking into claims of electoral irregularities.

Labour has reported Plaid over claims that the party has been wrongly putting posters on public property.

Plaid claimed Mr David was seen by some of its party members with a number of their placards in his car and is demanding a police investigation.

A spokesperson for Gwent Police said: "We have received reports of electoral irregularities in the Caerphilly area and these are currently being looked into.

"It would be inappropriate to comment any further at this time."

Mr David admitted to the BBC he had removed placards but said it was only with permission of householders and that he had been complimented for doing so.

"When I've been asked by local people and received their permission I've been taking down unwanted Plaid Cymru stakes," he said.

"There have been a number of instances across the Caerphilly constitutency where Plaid Cymru have been putting stakes in people's gardens and on lamp posts without permission."

He said there was nothing wrong with putting up placards but when it was without permission on someone else's property "that's trespass and that's illegal."

A Labour spokesman said the Caerphilly party was contacted by "a number of people extremely angry about Plaid Cymru's illegal fly-posting antics across the constituency".

He went on: "At the explicit request of angry residents a number of Plaid Cymru posters were removed by Labour activists in order to be handed to the police as evidence of Plaid's illegal activity."

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