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Cardiff University inspires Japanese moods study

An organisation which aims to learn more about mood disorders has been launched in Japan, based on a similar model started at Cardiff University.

A team of scientists representing the Bipolar Disorder Research Network (BDRN) at Cardiff, visited Tokyo to offer advice.

As a result, an equivalent body has been launched in Japan.

The Cardiff team claims research could support those with mood disorders after the trauma of Japan's recent tsunami.

The Cardiff BDRN team claim to be running the world's largest study into bipolar disorder.

Professor Nick Craddock, who heads the team and visited Japan, said: "Much of the world's attention has focused - quite rightly - on the recent tsunami in Japan and the devastating impact this has had on their country.

"The implications of this tragic event brings into focus the need for extra support for those people in the country who suffer or may suffer with mood disorders in the future.

"Japan already has a series of significant challenges - most notably, the high number of suicides amongst the male population.

"By establishing a network of experts - from academia, government and sufferers themselves this will add an additional focus and impetus to tackling these problems."

He added: "It's satisfying to know that the work we've done here at Cardiff is helping to influence decision makers in Japan."

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