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Lynette White case: Psaila denies phoning detective

Angela Psaila
Image caption Angela Psaila said detectives were "evil bully boys" who forced her to implicate innocent people

A witness to the murder of Cardiff prostitute Lynette White has denied phoning a detective involved in the case at home "many times".

Angela Psaila said she was forced to sign false statements which were used to wrongly jail three innocent men.

She told Swansea crown court she did not remember phoning Michael Daniels, who she said had been "evil" to her.

Eight ex-police officers deny conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Two other people deny perjury.

Lynette White, 20, was murdered in Butetown in Cardiff on St Valentine's Day in 1988.

The three men wrongfully jailed for her murder, who became known as the Cardiff Three, were set free by the Court of Appeal in 1992.

In 2003 advances in DNA led police to Jeffrey Gafoor, now 46, who admitted murder and was jailed for life.

The eight ex-police officers have been accused of manufacturing a case against the three innocent men.

The prosecution has argued that they made up their minds who had been responsible and then made the evidence fit.


The court had previously heard how Ms Psaila had given evidence at two crown court trials naming the people she claimed to have seen kill Miss White.

She said at the time that she had been forced to stab Miss White herself to ensure she would not tell the police what she had seen.

In 2008 she admitted a charge of perjury and was sent to jail.

Ms Psaila told Swansea crown court on Monday that former detective constables Michael Daniels and Bryan Gillard had been the officers she could recall dealing with at Butetown police station, Cardiff, in 1988.

She described them as "evil bully boys" who had forced her to falsely name several people she had seen near to Lynette's flat in James Street, Cardiff.

During cross-examination, prosecutor Elwen Evans QC asked Miss Psaila why, if Mr Daniels had been "evil" towards her, she would ring him at home "many times."

Miss Psaila replied, "No I didn't. I don't remember doing it."

Miss Evans put it to Miss Psaila that Mr Daniels had not been involved with her in February 1988, when she made her initial statements.

Miss Psaila said that, after so many years, Mr Daniels and Mr Gillard were the only names she could remember.

"That man was evil and so was Gillard. Don't sit there and try to put words into my mouth. I will not have it," she said.

The trial continues.

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