South East Wales

St Julian's School, Newport, lifts ban on mobiles in class

A school is encouraging pupils to use mobile phones in class, claiming they could aid learning.

St Julian's Comprehensive School, Newport, wants to "embrace" the latest technology and wants "responsible" use of mobiles by its 1,600 pupils.

The school had previously banned them in case they disrupted lessons.

Graham Barker, head of e-learning, said they were not to be used for texting but to take the technological "lead" in studying in schools.

"This is working really well," he said.

"Instead of a ban, we encourage responsible use of mobile phones by pupils. We are a school that is embracing technology for learning in every way.


"Obviously we don't want pupils texting in lessons but so much of learning today involves the sort of technology that mobile phones use as standard."

Mr Barker said lessons were using Twitter to ask questions and mobiles to download the curriculum.

"There are so many opportunities to aid learning through technology and we want to be a school that takes the lead in this," he said.

"There is a revolution going on in technology in the world or work, and schools are caught up in this too. It is an exciting time to be studying and teaching in schools."

The school has replaced its traditional library with a £10,000 "cyber centre" complete with iPads, a 60ins 3D screen and plasma televisions.