South East Wales

Noisy ducks man from Whitchurch, Cardiff, fined

A man has been ordered to pay £270 over his noisy ducks following a year-long dispute with neighbours.

A series of complaints were made about the man, from Whitchurch in Cardiff, and noise levels were monitored.

Last year he assured Cardiff council the ducks would be removed but he failed to do this and further complaints were made.

The man was fined at Cardiff magistrates' court for breaking the Environmental Protection Act.

He was fined £135 and ordered to pay costs of £120 and a victim surcharge of £15.

Derrick Morgan, chairman of the council's public protection committee, said residents should be able to enjoy their home life "without the intrusion of nuisance noise".

"This prosecution shows that the council will act and seek prosecution where people's lives are being made a misery by inconsiderate neighbours," he added.

"What is acceptable to one resident does not mean it is acceptable to the majority.

"We have a duty to prosecute but would rather work with the resident to resolve the nuisance before doing so."

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