South East Wales

Muslims protest in Cardiff against anti-Islam film

About 100 Muslims have staged a protest in Cardiff city centre.

They were demonstrating against the anti-Islam film, Innocence Of Muslims, made in the US, which has caused offence across the Muslim world.

The rally was attended by Muslims who were demanding action to curb religious hatred.

Demonstrators, standing under the Aneurin Bevan statue, waved anti-American and French banners.

Organisers said the demonstration was to highlight what they called "the crimes against Islam and Muslims".

Abu Hajar said: "We believe there's a military crusade taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan and an ideological crusade taking place in Europe and in USA.

"And part of that ideological crusade is having attacks and insults against Islam, whether that be the burning of the Koran or the recent insults to attack and dishonour the messenger messenger Muhammad and his family."

Mr Hajar said they would not tolerate insults against the prophet Muhammad.

The controversial video was made privately in the US but its anti-Islam message has been publicly condemned by US President Barack Obama.

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