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Barry Pleasure Park 'will open' on Friday despite setbacks

Worker sweeps up
Image caption On Wednesday around 30 workers were were on site in preparation for Friday's opening

The new owners of one of south Wales' most famous fairgrounds have said they will open on Friday despite setbacks.

The keys for Barry Island Pleasure Park were handed to new owner Henry Danter on Monday, leaving just five days to get the site ready for visitors.

Mr Danter's daughter Kimberley, who is managing the construction, said that Monday's high winds, problems with diggers and a delay in receiving the keys had put them behind schedule.

On Wednesday 30 men were on site.

Ms Danter said that they would complete "three days' work in one day" in order to "put on a show for Barry" on Friday.

A new ride, the Star Flyer, has been delivered to the site alongside fairground staples like the dodgems, the Miami trip and the waltzer.

A child-size caterpillar roller-coaster and hot dog stand has also been planned for the opening.

The Vale of Glamorgan fair has been an attraction since 1920 and had 400,000 visitors over a bank holiday at its peak in 1934.

In recent years it found new fame with the TV comedy Gavin and Stacey after featuring in the BBC show.

Image caption The new owners have said that the gates will open to the public on Friday despite setbacks
Image caption The log flume will be dismantled as it is has become an 'eyesore' and is 'beyond repair'
Image caption The area around the old arcade and the log flume will be cordoned off for Friday's opening
Image caption The old arcade will be demolished in November to make way for a new glass-fronted arcade
Image caption A caterpillar roller-coaster has arrived on site ready for Friday's opening
Image caption Brother and sister Harry and Kimberley Danter have been hard at work for Friday's opening
Image caption Around 30 workers were on site on Wednesday constructing rides and clearing rubble

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