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Cardiff father and son death crash 'utter carnage'

The Lewis family Image copyright Wales News Service
Image caption Simon Lewis was in a car with his pregnant wife and daughter

A crash which led to the death of a father and his baby son was "utter carnage", a trial jury has heard.

Simon Lewis, 33, died when Kyle Kennedy, 29, of Cardiff, hit his car head-on in a crash in the Tremorfa area of the city.

His son was delivered three days after the crash, but later died.

Mr Kennedy denies two counts of causing death by dangerous driving at Cardiff Crown Court. He admits causing death by careless driving.

The court previously heard he was driving at "motorway speeds" of up to 70mph when the crash on Lamby Way happened.

Amanda Lewis, Mr Lewis's widow who was pregnant at the time of the crash, said in a statement her husband had shouted and sworn before she saw lights coming towards the car.

The next thing she was aware of was her opening her eyes and hearing herself making a noise and her daughter screaming in the rear of the car.

She said Mr Lewis who had been driving was lying flat on his back and not responding or moving when she told him to wake up.

The court heard she screamed when she was told he had not survived.

Three days later, Amanda Lewis underwent an emergency Caesarean section, but her son did not survive.

'Shaken by what I saw'

Stephen Leadbeater, who was travelling in a vehicle directly behind the Lewises, described seeing a second set of lights appear in front of him for a split second.

"I immediately thought that's not right and tried to slow down," he said in a statement read to the court.

"I saw the collision in front of me. I had horrible thoughts and saw the overtaking car spin around and end in the grass verge.

"I saw smoke and two engines slide across the road in front of me. One of them hit my van. I grabbed a small torch. It was utter carnage and horrible.

"I heard a baby screaming and saw a lady shouting, 'help - get me out of here'. I was shaken by what I saw. It was over in a matter of seconds."

Mr Kennedy had told investigators he did not remember the crash.

The trial continues.

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