South West Wales

Cigarette butt DNA led to Neyland marina thief

A member of a gang who stole £40,000 worth of equipment from a marina in Pembrokeshire was traced by DNA on a cigarette butt he left at the scene.

Henrikas Jagintavicius, aged 31, from Worcester, stole four marine engines from Neyland Marina in 2009.

A jury at Swansea Crown Court heard although only he was caught others must have involved.

Jagintavicius, who had denied two counts of theft, was jailed for four years.

The engines were never seen again.

The court heard a scenes of crime investigator found a cigarette butt inside one of the boats from which an engine was stolen and a full DNA profile was obtained.

Jagintavicius' profile was already in the police database because of an earlier arrest.

A van with a Lithuanian number plate parked outside his home had also been picked up by cameras heading towards Neyland on 13 December 2009.

Stolen to order

Jagintavicius claimed he had spent two days on holiday in Pembrokeshire and his cigarette butt must have attached itself to someone's boot and had later fallen off in the engine well.

Passing sentence, Judge Christopher Vosper said Jagintavicius was part of a gang that had targeted high value items, possibly for export outside the UK.

He compared them to gangs who stole expensive cars to order and shipped them abroad.

He said the authorities would decide whether to deport Jagintavicius once he had served his prison sentence.