South West Wales

Train derails after hitting cows at Welsh Hook, Pembrokeshire

Line near rail derailment
Image caption Emergency services attended the scene at around 19:00 BST

A train carrying 30 passengers derailed in Pembrokeshire after hitting cows on the line, says Arriva Trains Wales.

Nobody was injured and the passengers have now left the train, which was travelling from Gloucester to Fishguard Harbour.

The train derailed at Welsh Hook near Wolfscastle at about 19:00 BST, said Mid and West Wales Fire Service.

Road transport has been organised for the passengers and arrangements are being made to move the two-car train.

It is understood only the first car of the train derailed after it hit the cows.

Police and fire appliances went to the scene. A vet was also called.

Firefighters said nobody was trapped and there were no injuries.

One passenger, Tony Evans, told BBC Wales: "We were coming through Wolfscastle on our way back to Fishguard Harbour and, three or four minutes after passing through Wolfscastle, I heard the horn on the train going about three or four times, then the brakes were being jammed on.

"You could feel the train sliding on the track.

"I believe there were cows on the rail line and, unfortunately, the cows received fatal injuries but nobody at all was hurt on the train.

"The driver did exceptionally well in what could have been a very nasty accident. On the left hand side of the train there must have been about a 60 or 70ft drop and we were very fortunate."

Another passenger, Ray Clulow, said: "Everybody on the train was fine. They all kept calm, we were just a bit startled."

Local people expressed shock at what had happened.

Causing disruption

Peter James said: "Around seven o'clock we just looked out of the house window here, me and the boys, and we just saw the fire engines and a number of police cars.

"To our amazement, we heard there had been a train derailment."

Steve Bryant, of Mid and West Wales Fire Service, said the incident could have been a lot more serious.

"The train was partially derailed so our main priority was to ensure the safety of the passengers and the crew, which we did," he said.

"We then safely evacuated the passengers and the crew from the train, escorted them up the track to the road here where they've now been taken by coach on to their destination."

National Rail Enquiries said the derailed train was causing disruption in the Fishguard Harbour area.

Trains were unable to run between Clarbeston Road and Fishguard Harbour and there was no estimate for when a normal service would resume.

Buses were running between Clarbeston Road and Fishguard Harbour in the meantime.