South West Wales

Motorist fined for driving car across railway tracks

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Media captionBritish Transport Police said the train did hit Peter Burns's car but the impact was 'minimal'

A motorist has been fined after driving his car across a railway track in front of an oncoming train.

Peter Burns, 56, of Ffairfach, Carmarthenshire, was fined £500 plus £85 costs for attempting to cross the line near Llandeilo without permission.

Footage from onboard the train shows Burns driving right in front of the Arriva passenger service.

PC Phil James of British Transport Police said Burns's actions were "reckless and dangerous".

"Fortunately, the impact during this collision was minimal. However, had the train arrived just a split-second sooner, it could have been a very different story," he said.

"This incident just goes to show how a momentary lapse could have had fatal results."