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Llanteg teenager becomes one of UK's youngest pilots

Ross Williams alongside his car and a plane Image copyright Wales news service

A 17-year-old from Pembrokeshire has become one of Britain's youngest aeroplane pilots, just three days after passing his driving test.

Ross Williams, of Llanteg, near Tenby, received both his driving and pilots licences less than two months after his birthday.

He spent 45 hours in the air flying a Cessna 150 and had to pass a medical exam, written tests and a flight test.

"I've wanted to fly ever since I can remember," he said.

"I could have stayed on in school, but I just knew what I wanted to do and that was to be able to live my dream."

Mr Williams funded his flying lessons using his wages from working at McDonalds and a local pub restaurant.

He said: "I was massively happy. It took quite a long time to sink in.

"I'm going to Arizona at the end of September staying with family friends, where I hope to do between 50 and 75 hours of flying.

"It's a lot cheaper to hire a plane there, around $100 an hour.

Image copyright Wales News Service

"Then hopefully I'll start doing my commercial written exams when I come home and build up some more flying hours."

His instructor Ryan Williams said: "To come through and gain a private pilot's licence in just 11 months is amazing.

"Passing his driving test as well is the icing on the cake."

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