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It's the World News 7 days 7 questions weekly quiz - a chance to find out how much global news from the past week you've read, heard and watched... and how much has lodged in the old grey matter.


1.) Multiple Choice Question

Two Australian engineers have developed a beer to be drunk in space, aimed at the expanding space tourism market. It's a heavy stout - a dark beer - designed to counteract what?

Dark beer
  1. Lack of gravity
  2. Loss of taste sensation
  3. Increased sensitivity to alcohol

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Japan is extending Cool Biz, its summer energy-saving scheme as power shortages loom due to its crippled nuclear plant. Two of these rules have been in force since 2005. Which ONE is new?

2005 photo of environment minister Yuriko Koike showing a customer a lightweight shirt at the CoolBiz section of a Tokyo department store
  1. No ties and jackets
  2. Office aircon set no lower than 28C (82F)
  3. Sandals allowed

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Queen Elizabeth is the first reigning British monarch to visit Ireland in 100 years. Who visited a century ago?

Queen and Mary McAleese at Irish War Memorial Garden
  1. Queen Victoria, her great-great-grandmother
  2. King George V, her grandfather
  3. Edward VIII, her uncle
  4. George VI, her father

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Here, talkshow queen Oprah records her final episodes with a little help from famous friends. What was the name of the daytime TV show she took over and relaunched as The Oprah Winfrey Show?

Oprah hugs Dakota Fanning as Beyonce looks on
  1. AM Chicago
  2. Chicago Talks
  3. Good Morning Chicago

5.) Missing Word Question

Israeli parents named baby *

  1. Tweet
  2. Status
  3. Like
  4. Poke

6.) Multiple Choice Question

The four-wheeled star of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has fetched £495,000 ($800,000) at auction. In the film, the car was sold for scrap for "30 bob". What does that mean?

The Chitty car used in the 1968 film
  1. 30 shillings
  2. 30 pounds
  3. 30 guineas

7.) Multiple Choice Question

And finally, it's goodbye to Ming Ming, the world's oldest panda, who has died aged 34. Before living out her days in China, in which zoo - or zoos - did she reside?

Ming Ming, photographed in 1994 in London Zoo before she moved to a preserve in China
  1. Dublin Zoo
  2. London Zoo
  3. Both


  1. It's loss of taste as the tongue swells in space. Jason Held, of Saber Astronautics Australia, said: "It's not extreme, but kind of like having a bad cold." A different container will need to be devised - in zero-gravity, liquid stays in a glass or bottle due to surface tension.
  2. Sandals - and other casual attire - are now allowed to help public sector workers keep cool as the Japanese summer hots up. Shorts and flip-flops, however, remain off-limits. Other efforts include vending machines no longer being refrigerated 24/7.
  3. It was George V, who paid a state visit in 1911 soon after becoming king. He had hoped to return, but the next decade was a tumultuous one for Anglo-Irish relations, culminating in partition and independence for the south.
  4. It was AM Chicago. She took over as host in 1983, and after turning around the ratings, relaunched it under her own name in 1986. The last ever episode airs next Wednesday.
  5. It's Like. Lior and Vardit Adler said they wanted a "modern" name for their baby girl. They looked to Facebook for inspiration, which allows users to "like" friends' photos and comments.
  6. Thirty bob is 30 shillings - about $2.40 (£1.50). The film was set in the 1910s, when 30 shillings had the same value as about $140 (£85.60) today.
  7. Both. She was sent to Dublin Zoo in 1986 for a breeding project. And from 1991-4, she lived in London Zoo. Her first mate died a week before her arrival, and she never got on with his replacement. She was then moved to a preserve in China's Guangdong province.

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6 - 7 : Kung Fu Panda

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