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28 November 2014 Last updated at 05:06 ET

Tributes for 'country boy' cricketer HughesHughes

Newspapers, cricket writers and players have paid tributes to Australian Test player Phillip Hughes, who died on Thursday.

Screengrab of video introducing electronic voting machines to be used in Namibian electionsNamibia's electronic election

Namibians go to the polls on 28 November to vote for a new president and parliament in the southern African country.

Twitter'MufflerMan' Kejriwal creates Twitter buzz

Why is anti-corruption leader Arvind Kejriwal trending on Twitter?

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Ibrahim Mahlab Egypt's new premier

Ibrahim Mahlab, a former construction company chief with a reputation as a "doer", is Egypt's new prime minister.

Media review

  • Papers say smog has been a big problem for Beijing's's residentsChina media

    Spotlight on the government's "toughest environment protection law".

  • Hughes played 26 Tests for AustraliaIndian media

    Safety concerns in cricket are discussed following Australian Test player Phillip Hughes's death.

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