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1 October 2014 Last updated at 05:15 ET

Arab Twitter users rap Syria air strikesMembers of Islamic State group parade in Raqqa, Syria

Arab Twitter users express dismay at US-led strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria, with many concerned over the plight of civilians.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-unNorth Korean leader 'has illness'

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has an unspecified illness, state media report, after he failed to appear at a key political event.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky at rally, file picRussian TV sees US plot behind Ukraine and IS militants

A talk show on Russian state TV portrays the Ukrainian authorities and Islamic State as part of a US plan to destabilise Russia, the BBC's Stephen Ennis writes.

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Ibrahim Mahlab Egypt's new premier

Ibrahim Mahlab, a former construction company chief with a reputation as a "doer", is Egypt's new prime minister.

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  • Protesters want Beijing to withdraw plans to vet candidates for the next Hong Kong leadership election in 2017China media

    Papers cover Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests, calling them "seriously disrupting" social order.

  • Mr Modi (left) and Mr Obama have pledged to improve Delhi-Washington tiesIndian media

    Papers mull PM Narendra Modi's meeting with US President Barack Obama.

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