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16 September 2014 Last updated at 04:45 ET

Middle East TVs careful with Haines videoAl-Alam shows UN Security Council

Television channels across the Middle East give mixed coverage to the beheading of the British hostage, David Haines, by Islamic State.

The Scottish saltire flag (L) and Union flag fly outside the Scottish Office, in central London August 28, 2014.World media on Scottish independence

In countries where the Scottish referendum has attracted significant comment this week, most pundits take the prospect of independence seriously.

Ukrainian army soldier sits on a tank in the port city of Mariupol, southeastern UkraineUkraine truce deal: The 12-point plan

The fragile ceasefire agreed between Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels in Minsk on 5 September appears to be holding, despite sporadic shooting.

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Ibrahim Mahlab Egypt's new premier

Ibrahim Mahlab, a former construction company chief with a reputation as a "doer", is Egypt's new prime minister.

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  • A China Coast Guard ship (R) and a Philippine supply boat engage in a stand off as the Philippine boat attempts to reach the Second Thomas Shoal, a remote South China Sea a reef claimed by both countries, on 29 March 2014China media

    Papers accuse Manila of a "failure" to protect Chinese nationals amid tensions over the South China Sea.

  • Indian food marketIndian media

    Papers see a drop in India's inflation rate as a "good sign" for economic revival plan.

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