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27 January 2015 Last updated at 07:16 ET

European papers ponder 'historic' Syriza victoryAlexis Tsipras

Newspapers in Greece carry dramatic front-page headlines after the Syriza party swept to victory, with many pro-leftist papers hailing it as a historic chance for the country to take charge of its future.

Saudi King Abdullah speaks at his private residence in the Red Sea city of in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 27 June 2014Saudi king's death dominates regional media

King Abdullah's death tops the news agenda across the Middle East, with a tone of respectful grief dominating both traditional and social media amid some fierce criticism.

Screen grab from Russian news channel Rossija 24Ukraine violence: Sharp divisions in media

Media on both sides of the bitter conflict in Ukraine have stepped up their rhetoric as fighting intensifies in the east.

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Ibrahim Mahlab Egypt's new premier

Ibrahim Mahlab, a former construction company chief with a reputation as a "doer", is Egypt's new prime minister.

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  • Restaurant in Beijing, June 2014China media

    Concern over high abortion rates among young women and a call for better sex education.

  • A copy of the book "Jest In Time" with a caricature of eminent Indian cartoonist R.K. Laxman on the cover page is pictured at a book shop in Ahmedabad on January 26, 2015. Indian media

    Tributes pour in for legendary Indian cartoonist RK Laxman who died on Monday at the age of 94.

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