London 2012 celebrations around the world

BBC News website readers are celebrating the London 2012 Olympic Games all around the world.

Have a look at who they are, where they are from and what they are doing.

We want to know where you are watching the games. Let us know about your Olympic celebrations.

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Gabriel Asiamah, in Ghana, West Africa:

I'm a final year college student of Ashesi University in Berekuso, Ghana.

At this point my sisters and I are both on vacation and we are really enjoying every single game of the Olympics. As an all round sports fan, I feel lucky to be able to watch all of these games.

I followed Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 but I would say London 2012 had the classiest opening ceremony. Right now I'm looking forward to see Usain Bolt take on the other 100m athletes.


Sachie Murata, Osaka, Japan:

These are my nails. I lived in London for six months but now live in Osaka.

I'm supporting Japan and the UK as my Olympic teams.

I will be watching out for soccer, track and field events.


Amelia, Alexander and mother Rachel, Tuakau, New Zealand:

The kids are watching the Olympics in their pyjamas as all the events are on overnight here.

They are very excited cheering for Team NZ and Team GB to please me!

Their school hall is set up like an aeroplane - they watched the opening ceremony highlights as they "flew" to London.


Pierre Apiou, France:

We are really excited about these Olympic games!

The fact that it's taking place in the same time zone is a big plus for us.

We gather in our favourite bar after work and enjoy late events! We can't wait to see our handball team play, we call them the experts.

Stefano Angelucci, Voorburg, Netherlands:

I'm Italian watching with my Dutch wife Karin. We are watching as many events as possible - on the TV, computer and tablet.

I stay in contact via Facebook with the friends throughout Europe, watching the same events. Whenever an Italian or Dutch competitor comes along the tension and cheering increases.

We travelled to London and saw the female volleyball matches of Japan v Algeria and China v Serbia and watched the cycling in Brompton Road.

Marta Hoyas, Getafe, Spain:

I'm celebrating the Olympics with my friends. We all get together in someone's house and watch it on TV. The opening ceremony was creative and entertaining.

London 2012 gives me the opportunity to watch different sports, not only football, which is usually the case in Spain.

I can't wait for the women's synchronised swimming. Of course, I would love Spain to win as many medals as possible, at least more than in Beijing 2008!

Beki Dickinson-Vyse, Malmo, Sweden:

I am celebrating with other expats, fellow teachers and students from the school I work at.

I loved the opening ceremony and am enjoying watching most events but am really thrilled to watch the sports I enjoy doing which are archery and fencing.

The girls are enjoying watching a range of different sports especially the gymnastics, swimming, diving and rowing but are rooting for everyone to do their best.

The boys are waiting for the badminton, velodrome cycling and the athletics especially the sprinting.

Maia Chappell, Ogmore-By-sea, Bridgend, Wales:

I stayed up late to watch the whole of the opening ceremony, It was outstanding! My favourite part was the copper petal flame.

I am most looking forward to the swimming events, and I have been sacrificing my lay-ins whilst on school holidays to make sure I am up early to see everything.

Good Luck to all of Team GB, I'm getting behind Katherine Grainger. I'll be waving my flag for you all!

North America

Deborah Dodds and Jack Gabriel, Canada:

We watched the opening ceremony and thought it was excellent! Danny Boyle did the country proud.

Rowan Atkinson, of course, was hilarious and having the torch brought by speed boat was classy.

We had it come by pickup truck through Vancouver which was embarrassing! It was definitely one of the best and imaginative Olympic ceremonies we have seen. We're focusing on the rowing, swimming, and gymnastics now.

Robin Theakston, New York, US:

We celebrated the opening ceremony.

We had a party on the roof of an apartment building in mid town Manhattan with the Chrysler building in the background.

My wife and I moved over to New York from east London about a year ago so the Olympics mean a lot to us.

Dahlia Beckford, Texas, US:

As a Jamaican our favourite events are track and field.

We wait anxiously to see Usain, Asafa, Yohan, Veronica and Shelly-Ann.

Four years ago I was in Jamaica this year I am in the US with my Jamaican friends.

South America

Ward Donoho, Lima, Peru:

We are in a cafe watching London 2012 - so special!

We all agree that this is the best place for the world to gather.

We hear, from Americans and Peruvians, that the games are magnificent and they are all being treated beautifully. Thank you!

Judy Hutton, Buenos Aires, Argentina:

We were three little pigs in Tandil, comfy round a roaring fire, glued to the opening of the Olympics.

First we had tea and scones with boysenberry jam - then later the Argentine speciality of empanadas - followed by merengues and thick thick cream - all homemade.

We had such fun watching the inauguration and were really impressed by the originality and "the walks down memory lane".

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