What if you had a vision of the future? Terms and conditions

Enter the "What if you had a vision of the future?" competition
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This year the BBC is looking into the future, to find out what it holds for health, education, transport and even love. The season is called "What If?" and we asked you to send us your visions of the future. Hundreds of you did, the competition is now closed and we will be announcing the winners on March 25th.


1.The title of the BBC What If? competition 2013 is "What if you had a vision of the future?" The theme is open to individual interpretation and can be presented in any visual medium the contributor chooses (photography, animation, artwork, film), but entries must have visions of the future at their heart. When you submit an entry, you do so in accordance with the BBC's terms and conditions.

All the entries should be entirely pictorially visual with no spoken or graphic words.

2.Only one entry is permitted per person. No group submissions will be allowed. In the event of multiple entries the first received entry will be considered and the subsequent entries disqualified.

3.The competition is open to UK and non-UK residents. Employees of BBC Worldwide or the BBC, as well as their immediate families, are not eligible to enter. Entrants should be 18 or older on the closing date of 8 March 2013.

4.The BBC will only ever use personal details for the purposes of administering the scheme. Please see the BBC's privacy policy:

5.Entries - or videographic evidence of the entry piece if a three-dimensional work (for films and animations, up to 50 seconds maximum for the whole work) - should be uploaded in as high resolution as possible, to a web-accessible video-sharing site (such as Vimeo, Flickr or YouTube, but not restricted to only those). Entrants must email the URL of the uploaded material, plus their full name, date of birth, nationality and contact details to An incomplete entry form or a broken URL when accessed by the BBC will invalidate the entry, which will not be progressed further in the competition.

6.The competition closes at 10:00 GMT on 8 March 2013. Entries received after that date and time will not be considered.

The BBC cannot accept any responsibility for any problem which may result in any entry being lost or delayed.

Elements of the entries that have been submitted with the entry form will not be returned - please ensure you keep copies of any files you attach to the email entry. Unsuccessful entrants will not be contacted and no feedback on any entry will be provided.

7.All entries will be judged on the following criteria:

a) Creativity

b) Visual impact

c) Original concept and theme

d) Emotional power

e) Strength of the vision conveyed through visual medium

8.The entries will be judged through the following process:


A judging panel comprised of the What If? production team and BBC staff with special expertise in animation, film and photography will review all entries and select a list of 20 entries per continent - 100 in all (this list might be shorter if the number of eligible entries received for one continent is not enough). These will be split into up to 10 moving and up to 10 still images per continent.


The panel will consist of five experts. Each expert will represent a different continent (names of the experts can be found on and

Each expert will be sent the 20 entries (10 still and 10 moving images) for their continent as selected by the production team. They will score the entries according to the criteria from 0-10 in each category, and return the scores to the What If? production team. From these scores, the production team will assemble a shortlist (referred to as the "overall shortlist") of the overall (ie across all continents) top five entries in each of the two categories. All five experts will then be sent the overall shortlist and they will decide together on the two overall winners (ie one in each category). In the event of a tie, the controller of Global News has the casting vote.

The winners of each category will be contacted by a member of the BBC What If? production team on or just before 25 March 2013.

If, after reasonable attempts, the winners cannot be contacted, the BBC reserves the right to offer the place on the shortlist to the next highest scoring entries.


9. The prize will consist of a laptop (plus any preloaded software or utilities by the manufacturer or vendor) to the value of £2,500, chosen by the overall winner in each category, moving and still images. The prizes are as stated and cannot be deferred or transferred. There will be no cash alternative.

10.We are looking for original visions of the future, so entries must not have won any competition prize previously.

11. When you submit any kind of creative work (including but not limited to animations, videos and still photographs) to (referred to as a "contribution" in the rest of these terms and conditions) you will be granting the BBC a royalty-free, worldwide, non-exclusive, sub-licensable right and licence to use, reproduce, publish, distribute, play, make available to the public, and edit and modify your contribution to the extent necessary to make any such use of it for the purposes listed, and to do all acts as shall be commensurate with such grant of rights, in any media now known or later developed for the full term of any rights that may exist in your contribution, and in accordance with the BBC's Privacy Policy.

If you do not want to grant to the BBC the rights set out above, please do not submit your contribution to

12. Further to paragraph 11, by submitting your contribution to the BBC you warrant that;

12.1 your contribution is your own original work, does not incorporate any third-party material (such as, for example, archive footage) and that you have the right to make it available to the BBC for all the purposes specified above;

12.2 that you have the permission of all contributors on the contribution, to submit it for all the purposes specified above;

12.3 your contribution is not defamatory and does not infringe any law or rights of any third party; your entry must not be defamatory or obscene and must be suitable for broadcast on the BBC - editorial guidelines can be found online at; for the avoidance of doubt the contribution is not, nor contains any element of, promotional or advertisement material for real commercial products or services;

12.4 you shall not enforce any moral rights in your contribution in any way that shall interfere with the grant of rights set out in paragraph 11;

12.5 you hereby indemnify the BBC against all legal fees, damages and other expenses that may be incurred by the BBC as a result of your breach of the above warranties.

13. A selection of entries may be posted on (web) services operated by the BBC or World Service throughout the competition. By submitting an entry you permit this use as well as editing the entry for this purpose. This will not be a part of, or have any influence on, the judging process of the competition. We will publish the final shortlist of 10 chosen by our judges on web services operated by the BBC or World Service.

14.The description of the competition, events and selection process is not binding on the BBC and may be varied. The BBC reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition at any time if deemed necessary.

15. Any contribution should be suitable to be shown on BBC World.

16.By entering, entrants will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by these rules and the BBC reserves the right to exclude any entry from the competition at any time and in its absolute discretion if the BBC has reason to believe that an entrant has breached these rules.

17.The BBC reserves the right to cancel this competition or alter any of the rules at any stage (including but not limited to replacing any of the experts), if deemed necessary in its opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of its control.

18. If the winner is unable to be contacted after reasonable attempts have been made; the BBC reserves the right to either offer the prize to a runner-up.

19.If you include music in your entry, you must use only music which has been written and performed by you. If you include the image of any living person in your submission, you must have that person's consent.

20. For the avoidance of doubt, the BBC obtains no ownership of any copyright in the contribution. Any use of the contribution by the BBC shall be in accordance with the grant of rights set out in paragraph 11.

21.The BBC is not responsible for any of the video-sharing websites that may be used for this competition. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to ensure they have satisfied all the requirements of the third-party site used. The BBC shall not be liable for any breach by an entrant of any rule, term or condition of any third party site used to participate in this contest and entrants fully indemnify the BBC against any claims by any third party arising from any such breach.

22.These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.